How to Buy and Sell Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewelry is a rare prospect, and it’s old. However, if you find a vintage object and want to see how old and valuable it is, it’s very easy to be scammed or have a counterfeit object that people convince you is real. In addition, things like scratches, marks, and labels can also affect the value.

So first, when you have vintage jewelry, whether it is a watch from your deceased grandpa or a piece that you found in the closet trunk, take the time to look at the history behind it. There are various luxury brands in the world such as Chanel or Cartier, so first see if the jewelry is well-known brand.

Then, try to understand the history of the piece. If it is a family heirloom, try to trace the path through your family. If you don’t know its history then do some research and meet with people who are trained in the history of the item. Different companies use different markings and different types of styles, all of which can affect the value.

Understanding the significance of these markings and the history behind the piece will often change the value. The more knowledge that you have about the piece before taking it to someone to judge its value, the better value you will often get.

Also, be sure to look at where the jewelry was made, as well as any other brand markings. Research into where the brand is from can help catch counterfeiters and the small details and mistakes that they often can make.

In addition, if the jewelry is scuffed, worn, or is missing parts or aspects then know that the damage can affect the value. Sometimes the damage can be easily repaired or washed off, but if the piece is broken then the value can be affected.

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Going to a Consignment Store

A store that specializes in jewelry consignment is a place that can be a one-stop shop when it comes to vintage jewelry. Selling vintage jewelry from the store is rather easy, as you speak with the owner and he will put your piece on display. Once the piece is sold, then you receive a portion of the proceeds, which can be around 25% to 50% if not a bit more.

If you want to buy jewelry from a consignment store, then keep in mind that most pieces have been authenticated. So, despite the price, most of the jewelry has been confirmed as a real piece, so at least you are getting your money’s worth. When you want to buy vintage jewelry, be sure to come with questions and do some research about the piece before you spend some money on it.

Buying real vintage jewelry does take a lot of research and caution up front, to ensure that you are not getting scammed or underpaid, but having a real vintage item can certainly spice up some eveningwear or go great with a fancy looking outfit!